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what is DIAMOND?

DIAMOND non-stick ceramic coating system has been specially developed for use as a sole plate for domestic steam irons.

DIAMOND is a double layer system that utilises the latest nano-technology thermally bonding the non-stick ceramic coating to the aluminium ensuring the best performance from the metal and coating. These two layers in combination offer the unique blend of smooth glide and exceptional wear resistance.

When you consider the many benefits for both consumer and manufacturer the decision to go with DIAMOND is a valuable and powerful addition to your product offering.

unique benefits

unique non-stick
ceramic coating

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consumer benefits

unique non-stick
ceramic system

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technology centre

Technology is at the core of the development of DIAMOND.

Working in close partnership with suppliers and customers, we continually strive for and test the best materials & processes to deliver the unique DIAMOND specification.

our testing centre

The development of DIAMOND non-stick ceramic coating for iron sole plates has been the result of technologically advanced coatings applied to precision rolled metal by modern process techniques.

Every aspect of the specification has been considered from the selection of the metal and the adhesion of the coating to the glide and durability of the finished surface.

Robust process controls & test procedures measure the coating thickness, thermal performance, abrasion resistance and the co-effiecient of friction that provides product excellence time after time


about us

DIAMOND™ is a trade mark of Cooper Coated Coil and is the brand given to the specially developed coating system for domestic steam iron sole plates.

Based in Wolverhampton, UK, Cooper Coated Coil is a niche coil coating company specialising in the application of high temperature coatings to metal coils. The coating application is achieved by employing the coil coating process, a particularly efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly production method. The result is a pre-coated metal able to withstand further manufacturing processes whilst retaining function and looks.

Our business provides solutions which benefit our customers from both a technical and economic perspective and our success emerges from a commitment towards customer focus, quality, experience, partnership and trust.

Working with our partners in metals and coatings for more than 50 years means that we have acquired the experience and know-how. Ally this to our understanding of industrial processes, manufacturing techniques, product end uses, and commercial value, enables us to develop new solutions for specific situations. DIAMOND non-stick ceramic coating for iron-sole plates is a living and breathing example!