New Volcanic Diamond™ Iron Sole Plate

Our new VOLCANIC DIAMOND™ Iron Sole Plate material has been undergoing a 500-hour life test. Constant 24/7 heating/cooling/steam cycles. After 500 hours the plate was heavily contaminated with baked-on mineral deposits. The image on the left shows the plate at the end of the test and the on the right shows the plate after being washed under a tap – nothing more. Passed with flying colours! Other visible marks are from the brackets holding the plate in situ during the tests.

This latest formulation with the addition of volcanic particles has enhanced durability built-in and as you can see it’s easy to clean too! The development is approaching completion and should be ready for market in the autumn.
DIAMOND™ is a trademark of Cooper Coated Coil and is the brand given to the specially developed coating system for domestic steam iron sole plates.

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